Follow Me To Lisbon With Ecovis Hungary

Belém Tower, Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon is the city of ups and downs
and zigs and zags. To conquer its streets your best friend will be your pair of legs and these tiny yellow trams which take you to every corner of the city. If you are lazy as we were the third option should be a scooter which comes also handy if you are planning to visit the surroundings of Lisbon, like Sintra and Cascais or hit one of the nearby beaches.
Lisbon, Portugal
Cristo Rei, Lisbon, Portugal
LX Factory is a must when you are in Lisbon. It’s packed with a selection of curated interior, vintage clothes shops and new wave cafés.
LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal
LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal
If you want to grab something at a cosy and friendly place then try ‘Café na Fabrica’, we had a lovely lunch there.
Cabo da Roca, Portugal
Cabo da Roca, Portugal
After 4 days in Lisbon we hopped on our scooter and headed towards Cascais on N6. Years ago we’ve already been in Sintra so it was time to visit Cascais as well. If you reach this pittoresque oceanside village you should go further and also visit Cabo da Roca, the most Western point of Europe and wait for the sunset there.

What I love the most about Portugal is its secluded beaches. There are many in the neighborhood of Lisbon, like Praia do Guincho. You are just sitting there in perfect tranquility staring at the endless ocean ... and the surfer guys. 
Praia do Guincho, Portugal
If I have to recommend one place to stay during your stay in Lisbon that would definitely be the recently opened ‘Santa Clara 1728’ that we had a chance to visit. We were welcomed by the owner João who confided us in ‘Silent Living’, the hotelier concept he created.
Santa Clara 1728, Lisbon, Portugal
Santa Clara 1728, Lisbon
Santa Clara 1728, Lisbon, Portugal
‘Silent Living’, the concept born through intentions of warming soul, of making homes, rather than houses. Silent, going further than the absence of sound; it calls attention for peace of mind, escape from chaos, simplicity of moments, clearness of space. It moves with a sensory care for life experiences, it goes from the smell of homemade bread, the light entering the bedroom in the morning, to the taste of natural meals, the silence of home. Living, because it all goes far beyond
architecture, being about the vibrant connection between Men, Life and Space.
— João Rodrigues
Lisbon, Portugal
Tapisco, Lisbon
When you are walking around Lisbon you can’t help falling in love with all those houses covered in tilt-gazed ceramic tiles, the ‘azulejos’. This wall was discovered on our way up to the São Jorge Castle and my content face is due to three ‘pastel de nata’ that I ate in a row from ‘Pastelaria Santo António’ which is just around the corner. Another place to put on your itinerary.
I discovered some hot culinary spots in Lisbon that you should visit in case you run out of dinner options. Top of my list there is ‘Tapisco’ in the Bairro Alto district. You should also have an octopus salad in ‘A Cevicheria’. On our way up to the Castle we also bumped into ‘Chapitô à Mesa’ where you have a pretty nice view over the Tejo. And if you like lazy brunches then you shouldn’t miss ‘Dear Breakfast’ and ‘Hello Kristof’.
Azulejos, Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal

Ecovis Hungary, thank you for the traveling opportunity.

Photos by Miklós Horváth & Me